This exciting set is full of interactive, movable pieces, and features illustrations of the Oviparous Swell Shark egg sequence. Science resources and diagrams were in mind when creating this set. 


This set was made to coordinate with my Oviparous Sharks & Eggs clip art, but can also be used on its own as well.


Included Images:

  • Egg Sequence (5 Illustrations)- All of the illustrations (minus the last image) in this egg sequence shows a shark embryo with a yolk sac. As the embryo grows, the baby shark gets bigger, and the yolk sac gets smaller. These five images portray the shrinking of the yolk sac, and the growing of the shark embryo, until the last image is of the juvenile shark hatching from its egg case.


  • Each of the five egg sequence illustrations comes with three image variations:

-Shark Embryo + Yolk Sac inside the egg case, with a transparent top.

-Shark Embryo + Yolk Sac inside the egg case, with no top.

-Shark Embryo + Yolk Sac outside of egg case.


  • Shark Eggs, Empty (5 transparent colors + transparent BW)



-Light Green




  • Arrows for diagramming (4 arrows in red, blue, and black/white)

-Corner arrow

-Curved arrow (long)

-Curved arrow (short)

-Straight arrow


  • Numbers 1 - 10
  • Label Pointer (2 options)


  • Labels:

1. Adult

2. Blood Vessels

3. Egg

4. Embryo

5. Immature

6. Juvenile

7. Life Cycle

8. Mature

9. Mermaid Purse

10. Neonate

11. Oviparity

12. Oviparous

13. Placenta

14. Pups

15. Shark

16. Yolk Sac

Shark Egg Sequence

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  • Science, Biology, Sharks, Anatomy, Reproduction, Oviparous, Oviparity, Clip Art, Illustration

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