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Spring is Here!

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

As soon as the snow melts, we flee to the forest to breathe the fresh air, and observe the world all around us coming back to life. Nothing feels better than being outdoors, after a long winter cooped up inside. The kids love finding wild things all around us (#NatureSchool #ForestClass)...actually it is not just them, I love it too!

On our latest outing, in search of Morel mushrooms (unfortunately no luck yet), we had some fun observing #MichiganWildlife. This special fellow (above), the Green Frog (Rana clamitans melanota), was found at a nearby creek. He was swimming near the middle, but made a detour to rest in my shadow, on the water's edge. I was able to slowly creep closer and closer without scaring him off. I was pleasantly surprised when I found myself within inches of him to snap a few shots with my camera! I got a bit soaked in the process of photographing... because I had to lay on the ground, knees pushed into the wet, marshy grass...

but it was fun, and oh so worth it! #NoRegrets

It was a great opportunity to discuss the differences between frogs and toads (and the fact that toads are actually a type of frog themselves). It was also equally great to observe and discuss amphibian habitats, and have a little fun splashing around in the (ice cold) water. All in all, it was an enjoyable, educational day!

Nature inspires me. It is during trips like these, where I find the most inspiration for my art. Last year, while on one of our spring nature walks, we happened upon a local vernal pool. We were intrigued by it, and dove head first (pun not intended) into learning all that we could about them! From that trip, and through a clip art request, I developed images for an Amphibian Clip Art set, with educational purposes in mind!

This clip art set works great for Science teaching resources. It highlights the differences and similarities among frogs & toads. It comes complete with easy-to-use Science diagrams. It was so fun to I hope it is equally as fun to use in your resources!

Fun In the Vernal Pool!

Frog Eggs!

Can you hear the frogs?

They were SO loud that day, I wish I had captured more of the sound!

What are your favorite spring time activities?

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